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COVID-19 Updates

In light of recent COVID-19 developments across Tennessee, our team at BLDG Memphis will move all operations off-site until further notice. Additionally, the March Pizza with Planners AND Community Development Book Club will be postponed. As we work in and around the community on a daily basis, these preventative steps are necessary to prioritize the safety of our staff, neighbors and community members. BLDG Memphis is taking these steps to try to do our part in the locally-driven effort to support the health and safety of all members of our city and region. Hopefully these and similar measures taken by other organizations, as well as the efforts of health care providers and public health officials, will be enough to get back to 'life-as-normal' soon. Stay tuned for information on rescheduled community events.

The Shelby County Health Department has created a page with reliable resources and local guidance here to help you and your network prepare. It includes regular updates and links to guidance for service providers and organizations hosting community events.    

HIRING UPDATE: we received a great response and many submissions for our two Specialist positions. Our staff is reviewing all applications now and hoping to begin contacting candidates soon.

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BLDG Memphis (Build. Live. Develop. Grow.) is a coalition of organizations and individuals who support the development and redevelopment of healthy, vibrant, attractive, and economically sustainable neighborhoods throughout the Memphis region. We accomplish this through policy and advocacy; community engagement and civic engagement; and capacity building programs for community development organizations. 



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