BLDG Memphis Members

Alcy Ball Development Corporation

Connecting and empowering Alcy Ball residents to develop a thriving community.

Binghampton Development Corporation

The mission of the Binghampton Development Corporation (BDC) is to improve the quality of life in the Binghampton Community. As a community-oriented and faith-backed entity, the BDC is working to be an instrument of God's love to reach those in economic oppression.

Center for Transforming Communities

Center for Transforming Communities (CTC) builds up the cultural, economic, social, physical and municipal health of neighborhoods. Our neighborhood connectors transmit and archive the authentic voices of a neighborhood so that voices and resources can move in unison. Through resident-led community building initiatives, ethical storytelling practices and asset-based community development (communities of Shalom), we bridge the gap between residents and institutions and connect the voice of a community to its power. 

Crosstown Community Development Corporation

The Crosstown Memphis CDC aims to improve the Crosstown community by working to enhance public safety, create opportunities for beautification, and help facilitate mindful business development.

Downtown Memphis Commission

The DMC is the official partnership between local government and the private business community in Downtown's development.

Frayser Community Development Corporation

To work with the community to provide improved housing and stimulate commercial and economic growth.

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Memphis

Seeking to put God’s love into action, Habitat for Humanity brings people together to build homes, communities and hope.

Heights Community Development Corporation

The Heights CDC builds community through just-housing redevelopment and a commitment to serving with and learning from our neighbors.

Jacobs Ladder Community Development Corporation

Jacob's Ladder Community Development Corporation practices holistic community revitalization in blighted, distressed inner city areas. Our vision includes re-imaging broken communities - new housing, new schools, and building green spaces and parks, as a testimony to the creative and loving power of God.

Kingdom Community Builders

Kingdom Community Builders or “KCB” seeks to conduct asset-based Community Development in the inner city of Memphis. This type of community development builds on the strengths of the community that are already in place and develops solutions to real life issues. KCB seeks to develop a network of community development practitioners, both religious and non-religious, working together for the welfare and betterment of the community. KCB seeks to be a listener within the community, a connector, a partner, and a catalyst to initiate and implement community development strategies for neighborhood revitalization.

Klondike Smokey City Community Development Corporation

To improve the economic health of the North Memphis Communities through community, workforce and family development initiatives.

Memphis Medical District Collaborative

The Memphis Medical District Collaborative is a community development organization working with partners to strengthen the communities in the Memphis Medical District so that they are more livable, vibrant, and safe.                                

Midtown Memphis Development Corporation

Midtown Memphis Development Corporation promotes a vibrant and sustainable Midtown that honors and celebrates its distinctive historic character. We do this by: partnering and communicating with residents and stakeholders, connecting people, businesses, and organizations, promoting Midtown neighborhoods and businesses, advocating for policies that sustain the character of Midtown, attracting valued investments. We work with public, nonprofit, and private partners that are committed to the vibrancy and sustainability of Midtown.

Mustard Seed, Inc.

Our Mission is to help our community realize its full potential through education, job training, life skills development and service to all!

NHO Management

To empower low-income families toward spiritual and economic stability through the provision of decent, safe, and affordable rental property.

Oasis of Hope

To demonstrate Christ’s love in an under-resourced community by elevating and improving the quality of neighborhood life through empowerment and partnerships.

Pigeon Roost Community Development Corporation

To provide strategic planning and guidance in selected service areas and to serve as change agents for historic preservation and revitalization by working with local residents and owners to build a better tomorrow for our neighborhoods and the greater Memphis community through housing, community, and human development.

Raleigh Community Development Corporation

The vision of the Raleigh Community Development Corporation is to provide outreach support to Raleigh and surrounding communities.

South Memphis Alliance

The Mission of SMA is to improve the health, knowledge and stability of families, young people, and communities through social services, mentoring and advocacy.

The Works, Inc.

The mission of The Works Inc. is to work to rebuild, restore and renew our community’s families, and the environments in which they live through housing, economic development, and social services.  

United Housing, Inc.

United Housing provides quality housing opportunities to Mid-South residents through financial education, mortgage lending, home building and renovation, and creative partnerships with public, private and nonprofit entities.

Victorian Village Community Development Corporation

Our premise is simple:  If we can create an active neighborhood with families out walking the dog, playing in the parks, supporting the medical district, and creating a strong economy, we can save the historic properties by making them the center of activity.

Vollintine Evergreen Community Association

Working to keep our community a place people want to live, work, shop, eat, and simply be in Memphis.