Policy & Advocacy

BLDG Memphis' public policy and advocacy platform is crafted in collaboration with our member and partner organizations and reflects the needs and issues they face in Memphis neighborhoods every day. The work in the several policy areas on which we focus would not be possible without this dedicated network of organizations and individuals.

Among the overarching goals of BLDG Memphis’ policy and advocacy work are to:

  • Build the capacity of community development organizations and increase resources available to support the revitalization of Memphis neighborhoods.
  • Increase affordable housing and sustainable homeownership throughout Memphis.
  • Promote land use and transportation policies that guide equitable infrastructure investments and increase the livability of low and moderate income neighborhoods.
  • Accelerate the redevelopment of vacant and abandoned properties to encourage greater density, grow the local tax base, and promote enlightened development.

How We Work

BLDG Memphis convenes a Policy Committee comprised primarily of our member community development corporations (CDCs) and key strategic partners in their work across Memphis neighborhoods. That body sets the priorities and directions for our five Policy Working Groups, which review existing administrative and legislative policies, research best practices for reducing barriers to community development work, crafting policy recommendations, and advocating on behalf of our network to elected and appointed government officials. 

Affordable Housing - The Affordable Housing working group supports the equitable revitalization of the Memphis housing market.

Community Economic Development - The Community Economic Development working group acts to build equitable, place-based community development strategies and encourage increased economic opportunities for neighborhoods.

Neighborhoods & Local Government - The Neighborhood & Local Governments working group focuses on policies and legislative issues that strengthen relations between neighborhood leaders and public agencies, address resource gaps, and empower residents to build the capacity of community based organizations.

Reuse & Revitalization of Vacant Property - The Reuse & Revitalization working group helps to ensure all blight remediation investments that are made within neighborhoods by any governing entity are created and enforced with the needs of the Memphis neighborhoods in mind. This body works to create incentives to reward efforts that encourage continued or new developments in areas that have historically experienced neglect.

Transportation & Mobility - The Transportation & Safety working group convenes stakeholders in various transportation and public space-oriented efforts to work collaboratively on policy items, raise awareness through advocacy, and hold decision-makers accountable in providing equitable access and mobility.

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