Pizza with Planners

Pizza with Planners is BLDG Memphis’ ongoing series of free workshops for neighborhood leaders. Who is a neighborhood leader? YOU are! Anyone who wants to learn about ways to make their neighborhood a better place to live is a neighborhood leader. Check out our calendar of upcoming events to learn more about the next Pizza with Planners. 

In each session, we pull back the curtain on the process and provide “how-to” steps that can be adapted and utilized in attendees' own neighborhoods. Topics include: 

  • Neighborhood Planning and Development

  • Transportation Planning - including MATA, Bicycling, and Walking, and Active Transportation

  • Economic Development

  • Parks Planning

  • Community Health and Safety 

  • Films on issues related to neighborhoods and planning

Pizza with Planners participants gain a better understanding of how the system works, meet the people they can ask for help and ask questions to better understand how the topics relate to their neighborhoods.

Films: A few times a year, we host a free-to-members film viewing followed by a discussion. In case you missed it in the theater, our film showings, covering a range of topics, are a great way to catch up on movies that address making our neighborhoods more livable. In the past, we've shown films like Bikes vs CarsChasing Ice and The Pruitt-Igoe Myth.

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