Getting around is an important part of a livable city. Our transportation infrastructure has a huge effect on the quality of life in Memphis neighborhoods. People need easy and pleasant ways to accomplish all of their daily tasks – getting to and from work, school, services, recreation, and other needs. 

What is transportation infrastructure? 

Everything from airports, railways and highways to neighborhood streets, bike trails, sidewalks, and public transportation. 

In any given year, public investment in transportation adds up to millions of dollars. How we choose to spend this money is very important because it impacts economic development, public health, and the quality of life in our neighborhoods. Our transportation spending also has a direct relationship to our region’s development patterns and other land-use decisions. 

How can we influence transportation decisions to make our neighborhoods better places to live?


1. We track transportation infrastructure planning and spending here

2. We translate this information into something non-engineers/planners can understand so that average citizens can better more engaged and more effective advocates for an issue that impacts their lives.  

3. We provide public comment on plans and processes and invite public participation, particularly from our members and supporters.   

BLDG Memphis advocates for safer and more convenient opportunities for walkingbicycling, and using public transportationGet involved and help us promote a transportation network that works for everyone.

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