Reuse & Revitalization

The Neighborhood & Local Governments working group focuses on policies and legislative issues that strengthen relations between neighborhood leaders and public agencies, address resource gaps, and empower residents to build the capacity of community based organizations.


1. Support the creation of a consolidated local public agency that is tasked with maintaining communications, engagement, and transparency with a broad spectrum of community-based organizations and associations, and that serves as a single point of entry for those organizations seeking resources or partnership with city government.

2. Advocate for tools that promote community engagement in public decision-making processes, such as a more accessible, searchable system to track specific city and county legislation and a revised public notice and engagement plan based on the recommendations of Memphis 3.0. 

3. Advocate for increased involvement of neighborhood leaders and the community development sector in goal setting and allocation of resources for programs such as Memphis 3.0 Small Area Plans, Community Catalyst Fund, and grant programs that support the work of neighborhood-based organizations.