REAL Places in Your Neighborhood


Recognizing Environmental Assets and Liabilities - REAL Places in Your Neighborhood is a middle and high school curriculum designed to take a deeper look at our community’s assets (the places that add value to our lives) and liabilities (the challenging problem-places that detract from our quality of life). 

The REAL Places curriculum includes a historical overview of infrastructure investment that Memphis and the region have made that have created the challenges we face today (blight, transportation, sprawl), a crash course in urban planning and city budgeting, and effective tools to become an advocate for your neighborhood. The workshop culminates in a walking survey of the conditions of the neighborhood.

Thanks to the Shelby County Health Department and EPA’s Environmental Justice Grants Program for supporting these REAL Places workshops: 


  • Riverview Kansas - Carver High School 
  • Soulsville - Charter High School 
  • Hickory Hill - Power Center Academy
  • North Memphis - Humes Middle School 

REAL Places is delivered in partnership with Clean Memphis. Contact us to schedule one for your classroom or community group. 

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