Public Policy and Advocacy

BLDG Memphis' public policy and advocacy platform is crafted in collaboration with our member and partner organizations and reflects the needs and issues they face in Memphis neighborhoods every day. The work in the several policy areas on which we focus would not be possible without this dedicated network of organizations and individuals.

Among the overarching goals of BLDG Memphis’ policy and advocacy work are to:

-- Build the capacity of community development organizations and increase resources available to support the revitalization of Memphis neighborhoods.

-- Increase affordable housing and sustainable homeownership throughout Memphis.

-- Promote land use and transportation policies that guide equitable infrastructure investments and increase the livability of low and moderate income neighborhoods.

-- Accelerate the redevelopment of vacant and abandoned properties to encourage greater density, grow the local tax base, and promote enlightened development.

BLDG Memphis 2018 Public Policy and Advocacy Priorities

Increase local funding dedicated to sustainable and equitable neighborhood revitalization, including the proposed Memphis Affordable Housing Trust Fund, coordinated investments from banks and other private entities, and new Tax Increment Financing (TIF) districts.

--  Support proactive and community-informed systems to prevent and remediate chronic nuisance properties, such as new code enforcement standards, greater accountability for out-of-state and rental property owners, and increased support for repair and cleanup.

--  Support the development of an innovative transit and transportation strategy and the creation of a dedicated local funding source for public transportation service.

--  Assist the Memphis Office of Comprehensive Planning in fostering robust public participation in Memphis 3.0, ensuring that residents are partners in decision-making, and promoting cross-collaboration among planning stakeholders to optimize resources, solutions, and strategies that will positively benefit the community.

--  Advocate for a local policy to formalize the City of Memphis’s commitment to support and partner with neighborhoods and neighborhood-based organizations.

--  Increase homeownership by supporting and promoting mortgage products and counseling services targeted at potential owner occupants of affordable homes across Memphis.

Click here to download the BLDG Memphis 2018 Policy Platform.

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