Community Planning and Revitalization


Decisions about how we invest in our communities directly impact the quality of life of our neighborhoods. Where should we put public infrastructure like roads, schools, police and fire stations? How do we balance maintaining our existing infrastructure with new construction? How do we prioritize our public investments and guide private development decisions through better planning to achieve a more equitable outcome?

Development can happen either haphazardly or intentionally, and in the Memphis area new development decisions have often come at a price to our existing neighborhoods. Past planning choices have contributed to concentrated poverty, blighted neighborhoods, and overextended resources. But we can do better.

Our programs are designed to:

  • Educate community members about how the decisions that impact their neighborhoods are made;

  • Provide people with ample opportunity to submit meaningful feedback on planning decisions;

  • Encourage public participation to influence the investment decisions;

  • Advocate for the best and highest use for our public investments; and 

  • Prioritize existing neighborhoods before supporting new construction.


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