Making our Streets Safer for People Who Walk

BLDG Memphis remains at the forefront of promoting public policies that increase safety and opportunities for people walking in Memphis. In a city with 150,000 youth under 16, 65,000 seniors, 50,000 people with disabilities using a mobility device such as a wheelchair,  and 30,000 households without access to an automobile, it is imperative that our streets accommodate everyone. Walkable neighborhoods and commercial areas help people connect to transit, jobs, green spaces, community assets, and daily needs safely and more conveniently.

BLDG Memphis has shown proven successes in updating the pedestrian laws for the City of Memphis to a higher standard of safety, bringing the Hampline - an innovative bicycle and pedestrian route connecting the Shelby Farms Greenline to Overton Park - to the heart of Binghampton, and developing the City of Memphis Complete Streets Project Delivery Manual in partnership with city government. Now, our freshly updated Memphis Walkability Toolkit brings yet another way for neighborhood leaders to engage their communities to identify priorities for better sidewalks and other pedestrian infrastructure. 

Click here to view the BLDG Memphis Walkability Toolkit and see how you can get involved making your neighborhood more walkable and more livable!       

Other resources for improving walkability and safer streets:

Walkability Assessment Checklist (Accompanies the Memphis Walkability Toolkit)

City of Memphis Sidewalk Repair Ordinances

City of Memphis Pedestrian and Schools Safety Action Plan

Bonded Sidewalk Contractor List

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