The Works, Inc.

The Works, Inc., a South Memphis Enterprise


Our newest member spotlight is on The Works, Inc, a community development corporation located in South Memphis. The Works, a CDC born from the work of St. Andrew AME Church, has a rich history and presence within its neighborhood. The Works CDC was started as a ministry of St. Andrew to serve the housing and community development needs of the residents of South Memphis. It was modeled after Greater Allen AME Church out of Jamaica, New York who had been very successful in the building of their CDC and serving a wide variety of needs within their community. The vision of The Works is to usher in the total, holistic, and healthful renaissance of their targeted community — to deliver its very rebirth. Their mission is to rebuild, restore and renew families and the environments in which they live through housing, social services, and economic development.

With Deputy Executive Director Curtis Thomas as our guide, we toured the Works’ neighborhood to view their efforts in providing affordable housing, education, and access to healthy food. They offer two affordable housing programs (DreamWorks and Alpha Renaissance), a charter school (Circles of Success Learning Academy), and a farmer’s market (South Memphis Farmers Market).

 The Works is doing an exceptional job creating change and growth in their neighborhood. They often refer to the totality of their effort as “The Enterprise.” Indeed as they continue their work, their efforts will be an inspiration to others as they work tirelessly to turn their communities around for the better.

**For more information on the programs and services that The Works offers, please visit their website at**  


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