ioby (in our back yard)

ioby launched in New York City in 2009 as a hyperlocal organization, on a mission to support neighborhood leaders and residents making positive change happen where they live. In 2012 they went national, with the idea that they could extend their services to people all over the country who have great ideas. And that’s the model that they use now – anyone from anywhere in the US can use their platform and services.

However, ioby has found that they can make the most positive impact when they work closely with people and organizations who have deep local roots. In order to stay hyperlocal, they need to grow hyperlocally. This is where the work between ioby and BLDG Memphis that started in late 2013 has real impact in Memphis and in other parts of the country. Through this partnership Memphians have raised over $500,000 for over 200 plus projects in 20 zip codes.  See all the Memphis projects at

The first step in joining our growing community of leaders is to share your idea.

An idea can be anything you think will make your local community better for the people living in it. No need to spend too much time on this step -- it’s just a way for ioby to get to know you and your fundraising idea.

Contact Chris Jones (  to learn more about starting a project, partnering with ioby, or hosting an ioby training.


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