Housing Counseling Network
About the Housing Counseling Network 

Housing Counseling Network (HCN) is a member group of housing, credit and financial counselors that convenes on a quarterly (or on an as needed) basis to share resources, receive training and to inform policy practitioners of the challenges faced in the industry. Through supporting a growing and evolving network of counselors through this program, the collaborative effort seeks to grow the presence of homeowners, address unmet resource needs, expand the accessibility to home repair resources, and support the growing pool of housing counselors servicing in the area, including those providing services for renters. This program is open to current and prospective housing counselors and Community Development Corporations (CDCs) within the Memphis area.

Peer Learning Network Opportunities 

On quarterly (or on an as needed) basis, the network will convene over lunch to share resources, receive peer presentations, and inform policy practitioners of the current challenges faced in the industry. Peer presentations are topic-based, inspired by survey responses. The meeting format is designed to help the network to become familiar with everyone’s expertise and challenges.

HCN 4th Quarter - Peer Learning Network Meeting
the HCN 3rd Quarter - Peer Learning Network Meeting, which will be held Friday, November 15th at BLDG Memphis from 11 AM - 1 PM. During this meeting, the HCN will receive HUD, THDA and LINC 211 updates, debrief the upcoming NCRC training series, and more. We are asking that you help ensure attendance by sharing this event with members of your network to attend. A registration link is coming soon!

Connecting Resources to Support the Housing Demand

All members of the Housing Counseling Network register to become a City of Memphis LINC 2-1-1 agency. By registering as a LINC 2-1-1 agency, housing counselors become plugged in a part of a much larger movement to connect homeowners and renters to targeted resources through the Welcome Home Memphis campaign. All housing-related inquires made through LINC Hub and LINC 2-1-1 will direct referrals to the counselors most relevant to their need. Inquiries will be tracked and analysed to respond to policy and programmatic concerns based on unmet needs and high-needs areas.

Access to National Training

The HCN program is working to secure national resources to offer Memphis training opportunities to support all persons interested in improving, remaining or becoming housing counselors. This effort is also working to ensure that all Memphis housing counselors are prepared to pass the HUD exam, which will become a requirement for all counselors to possess in 2020. Details on the securing of this opportunity to be updated soon.

NCRC Memphis Training Series
NCRC’s National Training Academy with direct feedback from our own Memphis Housing Counseling Network on community needs. This is partially in anticipation of upcoming HUD rule changes requiring all individual counselors and their agencies working under federal grant programs to be HUD-certified. We recently helped coordinate a training series held July 8-12 at Marriott Memphis East. Six sessions covering a variety of counseling topics were offered – click here to view the informational flyer.

The Network is now working to set up an additional training series trhough NCRC later this year - stay tuned for more details.

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