Programs for CDCs

BLDG Memphis began as Community Development Council of Greater Memphis, incorporated in 2000 as a peer organization for community development corporations (CDCs) in Memphis, and today our work to support those organizations remains one of our core program areas.

In this area, we work to build the capacity of CDCs through a variety of formal and informal programs, including

Organizational capacity assessment in five areas – organizational development, business and financial structure, community outreach, housing development and management, and economic development, conducted by independent evaluators and using our proprietary Capacity Assessment Tool (CAT) for Memphis CDCs;

  • Customized capacity building plans, based on the results of the CAT;
  • One-on-one technical assistance (see below for additional details);
  • Peer networking and information sharing;
  • Occasional training programs based on need and demand;
  • Focused peer groups for CDCs engaged in rental housing development/management, and housing counselors, which meet two to four times per year
  • Scholarships to attend training workshops and conferences.

Individualized technical assistance is available to member  CDCs and covers a broad spectrum of services, such as grant research, introductions to funders and community partners, board education on governance issues, organizational policy review and assistance (e.g. bylaws, conflict of interest, etc.) and more.

To become a CDC member of BLDG Memphis, please visit our membership page.

2022 Capacity Building Programs

  • Grant Writing for CDCs 
  • Capacity Building for Effective Boards
  • Community Engagement 
  • Staff Development 
  • Fundraising 
  • Neighborhood-level Data Access & Utilization 
  • Principles of Real Estate Development 
  • Developing Proformas 
  • Community Benefits Agreements 
  • Policy and Advocacy 
  • Understanding Incentives
  • Monthly learning and networking opportunities via BLDG Memphis’ Lunch and Learn series

New City Builders

New City Builders is a six month, hands-on group learning course offered as part of the BLDG Memphis CDC Capacity Building Program. The goal of NCB is to strengthen the abilities of new leaders in the local community development industry by equipping them with the knowledge and connections necessary to stabilize and revitalize Memphis neighborhoods through:

  • Field Work with CDC industry partners
  • Course Work with industry instructors
  • Making Connections with key partners

New City Builders began in 2015 as part of the capacity building program offerings of BLDG Memphis. The 2019 New City Builders Cohort is our 4th cohort to engage in the program. Past graduates of New City Builders include:

  • Jared Myers, Executive Director of The Heights CDC
  • Amy Schaftlein, Executive Director of United Housing, Inc.
  • Charia Jackson, Housing Counseling Program Manager at Frayser CDC
  • Crystal Chopin, Oasis of Hope CDC
  • Rebecca Matlock Hutchins, Site Director of Soulsville, USA
  • Ashley Cash, Memphis 3.0 Administrator
  • Cassandra Harris, Former Executive Director of Power Center CDC
  • James Nelson, Executive Director of The Stone CDC
  • Chris Oliver, Former Executive Director of Alcy Ball CDC
  • Priscilla Reed, Homebuyer Education Director at United Housing, Inc.
  • John Paul Shaffer, Former Executive Director of BLDG Memphis
  • Angela Watson, Board Member at Pigeon Roost CDC
  • Seth Harkin, Program Director at Alcy Ball CDC
  • Stephanie Hill, Vice President of Rozelle Snowden Neighborhood Association
  • Vera Holmes, Coordinator at Mallory Heights CDC
  • Rhonda Logan, Executive Director of Raleigh CDC
  • Josh Mohundro, Housing Director at Frayser CDC
  • Mia Peete, Executive Director and Founder of Douglass Cornerstone
  • Mary Webb, Mallory Heights CDC