Blight and Housing

BLDG Memphis’ top priorities in policy, advocacy, and community development include accelerating the redevelopment of vacant and abandoned properties, increasing resources to support the revitalization of Memphis neighborhoods, and promoting public policy that will guide equitable infrastructure investments and increase the livability of neighborhoods.

BLDG Memphis believes there are not enough resources dedicated to community development commensurate with the scale of the challenges in Memphis. It is critical that we significantly grow the resources to meaningfully tackle the current levels of blight and deterioration. To that end, BLDG Memphis works in partnership with the nonprofit, public, and private sectors to”

  • Generate more local funds for community development from the business community, city tax dollars, public safety, and a proposed affordable housing trust fund;

  • Access more national funding for Memphis from both federal programs and private sources; and

  • Help our members secure greater access to expertise, interns, and information resources.

Our recent accomplishments include working on improving the Neighborhood Preservation Act to better fit local needs for blighted properties, finding lenders to work in lower value neighborhoods and issue homeowner loans under $50,000, and creating a program to fast track the tax foreclosure of vacant and abandoned properties. Some of our top policy agenda items in 2017 are focused directly on addressing the thousands of vacant and blight properties impacting Memphis neighborhoods on a daily basis, including work to:

  • Advocate for a local policy to formalize the City of Memphis’s commitment to support and partner with neighborhoods and neighborhood-based organizations;

  • Support the creation of new local funding for neighborhood revitalization, such as an affordable housing trust fund; and

  • Support efforts to hold the owners of blighted property accountable, including creating a point- of-contact registry and a ‘good landlord’ program to encourage code compliance.

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