BLDG Memphis 2019 Public Policy Priorities

BLDG Memphis’ top priorities in policy, advocacy, and community development include accelerating the redevelopment of vacant and abandoned properties, increasing resources to support the revitalization of Memphis neighborhoods, and promoting public policy that will guide equitable infrastructure investments and increase the livability of neighborhoods.

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Affordable Housing

The Affordable Housing working group supports the equitable revitalization of the Memphis housing market.

  • Address affordable housing demands in Memphis through resources that eliminate barriers to developing and maintaining quality affordable housing options.
  • Improve systems and policies that hold landlords accountable for their properties while supporting and protecting the rights and livability of renters.

Community Economic Development

The Community Economic Development working group acts to build equitable, place-based community development strategies and encourage increased economic opportunities for neighborhoods.

  • Advocate for improved, place-based development incentives that clearly benefit existing neighborhoods and better connects residents with jobs.
  • Support the adoption of the Memphis 3.0 comprehensive plan and its implementation through land use regulations and targeted public investments

Neighborhoods & Local Government

The Neighborhood & Local Governments working group focuses on policies and legislative issues that strengthen relations between neighborhood leaders and public agencies, address resource gaps, and empower residents to build the capacity of community based organizations.

  • Support the creation of a visible central agency that is tasked with maintaining communications, engagement, and transparency with a broad spectrum of community-based organizations and associations, and that serves as a single point of entry for those organizations seeking resources or partnership with city government.
  • Advocate for the City of Memphis to adopt a revised public notice and engagement plan based on the recommendations of Memphis 3.0, that guides all efforts related to planning and development notifications.

Reuse & Revitalization of Vacant Property

The Reuse & Revitalization working group helps to ensure all blight remediation investments that are made within neighborhoods by any governing entity are created and enforced with the needs of the Memphis neighborhoods in mind. This body works to create incentives to reward efforts that encourage continued or new developments in areas that have historically experienced neglect.

  • Promote participation of NBOs in Adopt-A-Median and Adopt-A-Block programs through Memphis City Beautiful.
  • Support arts-based approaches and identify areas of opportunity for creative placemaking projects for beautification and activation of vacant spaces.
  • Encourage better recycling behavior and litter prevention, including in commercial areas.
  • Advocate for community-based and proactive code enforcement systems that do not rely solely on citizen complaints.

Transportation & Mobility

The Transportation & Safety working group convenes stakeholders in various transportation and public space-oriented efforts to work collaboratively on policy items, raise awareness through advocacy, and hold decision-makers accountable in providing equitable access and mobility.

  • Support the adoption of the Memphis 3.0 Transit Vision strategy and the creation of a dedicated local funding source for public transportation service.
  • Support the implementation of Memphis 3.0 Complete Streets and Vision Zero policies that increase safety and access for all users and promote shared mobility.
  • Support transit-oriented development strategies, such as incentives for affordable housing near transit.
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