MEMFix: Madison Heights

10/13/2017, 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM

Madison Avenue and Cleveland Street map

BLDG Memphis 901-725-3125



MEMFix: Madison Heights is a one-day, community-driven effort to imagine a re-invigorated a two block stretch around the Medical District, Crosstown, and the Madison Avenue corridor. From pop-up shops, public art, pedestrian friendly streets, food, entertainment and more, MEMFix showcases a neighborhood's potential through participatory visioning and implementation. 


MEMFix is an event that embraces the principles of tactical urbanism, creative placemaking, and urban prototyping – bringing neighborhood stakeholders together to envision and recreate livable streets, vibrant public spaces, & reinvigorated commercial areas. Inspired by 2010’s A New Face for an Old Broad, MEMFix events throughout the city have activated streets, neighborhoods, and commercial spaces, demonstrating new possibilities for our communities. From Broad Avenue, Crosstown, South Memphis, and the University District, to the Edge, the Pinch, and Downtown Memphis – each event has its own unique character and approach to revitalization.


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