Memphis 3.0 Growth Meetings: Raleigh - Frayser

09/14/2017, 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM

Raleigh Community Center map

Memphis 3.0 901-576-6601


Growth Meeting | Frayser-Raleigh Area

If ever you wanted an opportunity to voice what matters most in your community, and the time is now to use your voice.  Join us in the month of September for a series of Growth Meetings in a neighborhood nearest you.  During these meetings, we want to learn the types of investments that most matter to you and why. 

A brief overview about Memphis 3.0: For the first time in four decades, a strategic plan will be developed to outline a new direction for Memphis - intended to create a City of great neighborhoods and to maximize the City’s ability to improve the quality of life for all residents. Core focus areas of the Memphis 3.0 plan are connectivity, sustainability, livability, and opportunity, and it will include strategies for enhancing land use, transportation, environment, city systems, growth and prosperity, neighborhoods, and civic capacity. The Memphis 3.0 planning process is currently in the mid-early stages and currently looking to gain another level of understanding of the community needs and interests beyond raw data. Now, they are in the process of surveying residents from across the City. Once complete, the Memphis 3.0 Plan will produce a plan that captures Memphis values, hopes, and vision for its neighborhood and the community at-large.

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